SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Website Development Services from Sunrise Web Studio

Does your site attract enough visitors and does it rank well in in search engines for specific keyword searches?

The main factors in the performance of your site in search engine queries are the text content, and how well it has been coded. If your website designer wants to charge extra for this then they haven't done the job right in the first place.

There are offsite methods to improve your ranking, but without the site optimisation you would be wasting your money. All our sites are built with SEO in mind at no extra cost, but if you have an existing site we can work with you to improve the content and coding.

Couple this with our value Marketing package, and you could be on your way to Page 1 on Google.

  • Included free in all our website packages.

URL Submission

Your new site and web components will need to be verified and submitted to the popular search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves etc.

  • Included free in all our website packages.

Google Analytics

This tool enables you to track the performance of your website and gives detailed visitor statistics; visitor numbers, page views, traffic sources, entrance keywords, visitor loyalty, and a map overlay. Click here to view a sample report.

  • Included free in all our website packages.

Other Strategies

For our existing customers we can offer further packages that will boost your traffic, please contact us for details.

Beware of companies that contact you offering top ranking in Google for a monthly fee. Firstly they can't do that for everyone, and they will certainly be ringing your competitors too. Also what good is that without first ensuring that your website meets the requirements to rank organically in the search engines. What happens when you stop paying?

Why not call us now on 07720 892332 or 01785 604993and we can 'health check' your site can explain how we can improve your ranking and save you money.